outfit | camel and cream.

by - April 27, 2016

Mondays are not my favourite, so I thought I'd put on my favourite skirt and a few more layers for this warm and cool weather in London at the moment. 

I am so happy with this camel coat from H&M it is so hard trying to find a coat that fits properly when you are 5"1 length and size wise so this was the dream, they also have it in grey. Admittedly, in the six months or so that I've owned these glorious topshop boots I've worn them precisely two and a half times which really isn't acceptable, but how much can you get away with wearing white- well cream boots, even if they are dreamy. Aaaand it doesnt help that my usual outfits are black on black ensembles with a bit of grey thrown in for good measure so I did what any natural shopaholic would do and purchased the newer version in black suede with a bone heel (also from topshop). Haha, they are super comfy though and have a square toe as to not hurt your feet.

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