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by - May 16, 2016

Since the start of the year I have been super into eating clean and healthy (for the most part at least). Sometimes for breakfasts and also for an extra energy boost throughout the day I have been loving smoothies over green juices- especially with the revile bottle blender which makes no mess and good to go smoothies in 15 seconds flat!

For breakfast I like to add berries for antioxidants, seeds and oats for slow burning energy. My favourite are the Raw Health Smoothie oats which can be shaken or blended into any drink which adds in a bit of texture.

For workout sessions I like to incorporate coconut water which is the best drink for hydration and greens like cucumbers, kale and pears.

personally, I never use dairy preferring almond, coconut and soya milk, non dairy yoghurts, and for sweetness I add xylitol, honey or even half a banana or two.

so great for the summer too!

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