style | summer studded shorts.

by - May 12, 2016

What's more summery than smooth pins and denim cut off's hey. ESPECIALLY Levi's. These babies fit like nothing else on the body vintage or not. Over the years I've had tens and tens of pairs from DIY jobs to successful finds on vintage shopping trips and even eBay. My mum spent a LOT of time in the states, in particular Miami and Levi's were her go-to so this amazing amazing star-studded (literally) hassled blue denim piece I found while rummaging her wardrobe.
This black pair was a lucky eBay steal around 3/4 years ago. It has a button fly which I prefer for comfort and the right side is shredded to reveal the pocket. I have worn these so so so much, when I was in college, to festivals and with a bikini.

I cannot wait to style these up this season, and maybe even add to my extensive denim collection haha, oops.

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