Life | 21 Years Old and 21 Lessons Learned.

by - June 11, 2016

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I have been self reflecting lately, due to the fact I am turning another year older and closing the teenage years behind me for good. Beginning to 'Adult' is a scary prospect especially when your past life stresses were getting through a hangover or how long to wait on a text. I feel we all get caught up on the small things and I thought i'd write an little uplifting life lesson com mission statement of how to carry on.
You are enough. No one on this earth is the same as you, embrace your body, your face, the way you talk. If you compare yourself to others, you will of course fail in comparison in your mind. Someone will alway be taller, thinner or more balanced.
You have you're health. That is so important and you are so lucky.
Stay cultured. Museums, theatre productions, local delicacies. Celebrating and embracing difference and immersing yourself in art, fashion, history and literature can only enrich you.
Showing emotion is not showing weakness. It's ok to cry, to be excited to live in the moment and love with all your heart. Yes, it may get broken but trusting in people is key.
Stop to smell the roses once in a while. Walk instead of taking the bus or a cab. Look back on what you've done and achieved that year, that month or that day. Have some downtime.
Once in a while. Eat that donut, or buy the bag, live life and be free.
Go to gigs, festivals. If everyone's busy make new friends. Create opportunities for yourself.
Stop overthinking and doubting yourself. Yes, a tattoo will probably hurt but after the pain it is worth it, and yes you might feel uncomfortable in a club  but you might have the best time and make a friend for life, life is unpredictable that way. Besides, you can always leave.
Love what you do!
And do what you love, school days are behind you, study what you like. Enjoy your job. Fill your days with things you love to do.
stop putting a price tag on your life, money can buy you lot's of wonderful things but in reality it cannot fix your real problems.
Travel. Just book the holiday. Go and lie on a beach, or ski or climb a mountain. Stop worrying about not being able to afford it- save up! Stop worrying about having a muffin top and flabby arms in a bikini when in reality no ones even looking. Pack up that case get on a train, a plane, boat or coach even and see where it takes you.
Being kind is better than being right.
You don't know other peoples struggles, what they go home to, what lives inside their heads. Be a delight be sincere but gentle. give out complements.
Admit you need help sometimes.
whether your having a tough time, with depression and anxiety, or simply to reach the top shelf, its ok.
Yes buy what you want but save a little too. One day it will come in handy.
Forgive but don't forget. Bitterness and anger are horrible emotions to feel being hurt can weigh you down. either cut people off completely or learn to forgive.
Not to be a size 4 with a bum to rival the Kardashians, or to being happy. Work for it. Sometimes you will fail but get back up and try again.
Soundtrack your Life!
Music is what makes me happiest go to a music event at least once a month go to festivals, all types with friends. DJ and write and learn instruments.
Don't shy away. Whether someone mentions sex, mental health or even going swimming learn to be confident talking and doing things that may make you shy or unwilling and accept that some people ave boundaries too when it comes to certain subjects.
Love will come. Don't force it, be your complete and true self. express how you feel in a relationship, also relationships take work and time. Being single is fine. Love yourself.

Not everything will go your way, and that's okay. Whether you planned something or not, worked incredibly hard or gambled on a decision, you will end up in a situation you don't deem as ideal and that's ok. That can only mean you know what you don't want and from there carry on or it can even surprise you by showing you something you didn't even know you wanted.

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