New In | Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme.

by - May 17, 2017

This perfume changed my life. That statement sounds ridiculous,but it's true. I love fragrances and being a girl who has tried over 100 different perfumes from store's own brands to celebrities, luxury and classics and I have always anted a signature scent. The week I brought this perfume i met my boyfriend at a soiree and the one thing to this day he still mentions is the way I smelt, which he has now immortalised in print (he's a poet). 

The top notes are orange, ginger and bergamot which the strong and bitter but that quickly settles down to the mid notes that consists of kulfi and floral notes, finally settling on amber, sandalwood and vanilla. This beautiful fragrance is strong and had a long and gentle drydown lasting me all day and into the night. it leaves scent on clothes, pillows and definitely a trail behind you. Oh, its gorgeous, sultry, sexy and just a little bit different. 

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