From Me To Me: Promises I’m Making Myself For 2019.


As cliche as it is, I always make myself promises on New Year’s Eve from the lessons I’ve learnt from the hands I’ve been dealt in the last year. I welcomed in 2018 on a Barbadian beach surrounded by my boyfriend and his beautiful family, this year is not quite as picturesque as I battle through a cold wearing sweats. Now ‘Fuck It It’s Christmas’ can no longer apply to absolutely every one of my actions it’s time to put down the Cadbury’s selection box (and also the double G&T to be fair) and take things a little more seriously. Here are the five promises I’m making to myself to carve out a happy, healthy and productive 2019. 


Be Selfish.

It’s so hard in this day and age to have an honest to goodness break to be selfish. I wish I could say no more often and enjoy my own company either watching a series or working on my blog then going out and spending money when I don’t want to be there in the first place. For me, family and friends are everything and I will go above and beyond for them but sometimes you need a day to yourself- even to just breathe. 

Be More Confident in Myself.

I don’t just mean in regards to how I feel about my appearance but about everything to do with myself. Be more upfront about my skills and strengths, even my weaknesses. Know when enough is enough- and be able to voice that. To be unapologetic about my opinions and to share more. I want to be my own hype man and push myself to share aspects of my work and life that I work hard to achieve. 

Take Time To Be Happier. 

After graduating, I feel most of us are stuck in a slump. Finally sobering up to the realisation that you can’t do all nighters, down shot after shot and turn up late to lectures because now you (probably) have more rigid responsibilities like a job. For me, I became increasingly unhappy about my career situation in particular the opportunities I wasn’t getting while working there and I’m working very hard to change that situation for the better. I spend more time with those who make my smile like a Cheshire cat and laugh like a loon. 

Spend Smarter. 

2018 has been a year where I have reigned in my spending, a little. Saving for my own house and a nice car have been the main reasons while trying to improve my credit. To support this I’ve also been constantly cleaning out my closet and mainly buying investment pieces that I’ll have for a long, long time (if not, there’s always Depop). 

Just Live A Lot. 

Just book the flight. Eat the chocolates. Do whatever you want to do whenever you can, as you never know when it’ll be too late. For me that means travel and blog again. My job means I can’t travel and be as free as I used to be and that sucks but there’s no point crying about it. I’m going to work around it as best I can and make sure I do as much of what I want whenever I possibly can no matter how crazy. I think it’s so important to live life and learn from it too. 

Happy New Year and all the best!

R x


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