Why To Invest in Luggage | Calpak Astyll Marble Suitcase Collection

Travel. It’s a word that can make some of us go mad. I’m fortunate enough to be a relatively frequent flyer, visiting far out corners of the globe on a half-baked whim. Last April I flew London to JFK- a journey I am pretty familiar with, and arrived at the other end to be greeted with an empty baggage belt at 4 am New York time. I was tired and wanted to jump in a shower and remove my make-up but my suitcase- along with all my other essentials like PJ’s, didn’t make the journey. Feeling defeated and with only a complimentary Virgin Airways toothbrush to my name, I retired to my 7th Avenue hotel and awaited my trusty travel buddy. Broken, battered and out-of-sync wheels, it arrived.


After having both sides of the immigration squad ‘make sure’ there was nothing untoward about my suitcase and that I wasn’t a terrorist, my case was essentially returned to me in an unusable condition via a second-rate bellhopp trolley. I decided then and there that if I was going to travel as much as I am, that investing in quality luggage to support me through that was essential. I wanted something special, to stand out in the airport, pretty to look at, but that would withstand constant use, baggage handlers and all the scrapes and scratches associated with that. Security and adaptability were must’s, and then I stumbled upon Calpak.

Firstly their designs blew me away, they were fresh, young and dynamic- words not usually associated with a battered accessory that gathers dust 70% of the tine. A massive selling point for me is the flexibility that having four 360 spin wheels does for the overall experience. No more dragging and running with a 90 degree angle case, instead you can coyly walk alongside this beauty as upright as you need. Doesn’t sound that impressive till you realise it means that you can put your carry-on luggage safely atop the case and not have to carry it! Additionally there are two handles and another fully adjustable pull handle to personalise the experience for you.


Strong, light and ergonomic are only a few of the great benefits of Calpak designs, their security locking systems are GREAT and built in to the side of every case! Although it may seem like frivolous spending, rather, investing in a luggage set is one of the best thing a you can do, especially if it’s going to last. If your cargo is precious why not protect it the best you can!



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