SOLED! | Three Shoes Every Girl Needs This Winter (For Every Occasion).

Coat & Pinafore dress – Zara / Sunglasses & Necklace – Celine / Bag – Dior / Boots – ASOS


Give the girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world … or so I’ve heard! This month I have over (and over) indulged and splurged on not just one new sole-mate but Three! My justification being that I have been having a strict clear out to make my wardrobe trimmer and more capsule than it’s ever been before. This may sound like I’m doing the opposite, but these three beauties fit all my needs and go with 90% of my hoarded pieces. 

First up is the IT boot for A/W. The Dr Marten Jadon platform lace ups. Okay, so I have worn Docs for the longest time (Emo wasn’t a phase Mom)from cherry lace ups, shoes, and suede I’ve had them all, and I freaked when I saw these- my inner 14 year old would have died! An ugly-beautiful shoe that’ll divide a lot of people but for my wardrobe and style will be worn time and again, toughening up dresses, fur coats and the like, with leather, blazers, sweater dresses- EVERYTHING! Yes, unfortunately these are a pretty penny- mainly retailing for £160.00, with an even higher resale value (I had to stalk them on ASOS for a month to corner them when they came back in stock). Cost per wear makes them worth it for me, besides I’m going to sell my remaining three pairs of Doc’s because they won’t get a shoe-in now these are on my feet! 

Going through my wardrobe, I realised a fact that I’m not quite sure how to take- I have a thing for westerns. Now I can’t line dance, never watched Broke Back Mountain, and definitely have never been to Texas, but you’d be fooled by my attire; I’m obsessed with double buck belts, concho’s are life, and I’m always down for a lace up shirt and pointed ankle boots get-up. But I fell in LOVE when I saw these. The ASOS Piston sandals have evaded my checkout basket for MONTHS! Never in stock, I hopelessly drooled over these morning, noon and night since summer. Even in the sale they never came in in my size. I even got outbid on eBay for them! Until last week when finally, there it was. ‘Add to Basket’ –bloody hell, I almost forgot to redeem my student discount code as I raced to pay, and I’ve been smitten ever since! I already owned these gorgeous multi strap sandals from the year before in the suede, but I never wore them as they were never quite right. Fast forward six months, change out suede for leather, add an extra inch to the heel height and I have to question my sanity (and my credit card balance to be fair). If you’re a western lover like me, these will only currently set you back £26 in the sale, but unless your a 7/8/9 prepare for a long wait *sigh*. 

The last pair I mentioned briefly in my Black Friday and Winter Styling posts. ASOS just have thigh high boots down to a T this season. If your tall, petite, have narrower or wider feet, even if your legs are slimmer, assure me they have a boot JUST for you. The amount they’ve thought about the sheer diversity when it comes to sizing this year should be applauded and set a standard for all brands. Personally, I got the tall wide leg versions as I have very long legs for my height and chunkier pins upwards of my knees. I waited and hesitated before ordering and nearly missed out, but I recommend black thigh highs to everyone. Great to dress up for an evening or in the day, over jeans or with a sweater dress, a completely versatile piece to wear all year round. 

What styles are you loving lately?

R x


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