Agent Provoca-poor: Is Designer Lingerie a Waste of Money?

Scrolling through my Tumblr homepage, (remember when that was a thing!) fifteen-year-old Ren lusted over ultra feminine, sexy but cute lingerie. Silk, lace and tulle in an abundance of nudes, pinks and blacks and from then on I was hooked. I went on to discover the main culprit for these amazing pieces of art was none other than Agent Provocateur and this started my affinity for them. Yes, the pricing is eye-watering at first, £80 thongs, some bras going upwards of £500, the kind of money you would probably rather splash on a handbag or a holiday but then I discovered just how AMAZING their sales were. The Janie set I managed to get for around £50 (that’s around £200 off of retail) and I managed to get everything in the sale too from waspies to tassels. Another amazing thing about Agent Provocateur is the way the lingerie community loved them. Seriously, I started posting more of my buys on social media and became featured on so many wonderful pages dedicated to lingerie and appreciation for it. I soon began to concise my collection to the pieces I was most enamored with and couldn’t believe the resale value (I never remove tags unless I’m going to wear them. I accidentally began ‘flipping’ my collection selling pieces for a profit as the bidding for these went crazy.

The best part about Agent Provocateur just like most boutique brands is quality. Quality of service yes, but also of product. The ladies at every Agent Provocateur boutique I’ve been too are great. So knowledgeable, helpful, confident and not afraid to speak their mind. As a fuller busted woman (I wear a 35E) there was a time when they didn’t used to do my size, mainly catering for A-C cups but the ever expanding size range has become quite inclusive. As mentioned earlier, the product quality is unmatched! The softest silks, sheer tulle with beautiful embroidery, embellishments, even down to using branded gold adjusters and clips. No detail is left without a thought and to me that is wear this brand is worth the money. When you put on one of their products you really do feel special- supported and sexy! No straps falling down or suspender strap popping here, and I know these will last for years (you will of course have to maintain them though). This brand is addictive and collectible with a plethora of different styles to suit anyone! (seriously they were the first company I saw to do the bondage-Raquel style with their iconic Whitney set) personally, I opt for either Lacey-tulle numbers or darker black pieces as I think they are timeless and are exactly what my style is all about but you can buy the brightest colours or the craziest designs and that’s essentially the best part about buying Agent Provocateur, you can have all the choices with all the quality!


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