My Top 3 Favorite High-Street Lingerie Hotspots.

Ann Summers

I love buying from Ann Summers. It’s fast, easy and their style choice and price range is always amazing. (I feel like they also always have a sale on like DFS) I personally feel very privileged to talk about Ann Summers as I have worked with them a couple of times and they are the loveliest company too. If I need anything for a lovely weekend or even underwear as outerwear I will always shop here. Their swimwear is the bomb too! When I first found my love for lingerie Ann Summers was my affordable outlet and my best friend and I would call each other in our lunch breaks and online order at the same time (usually the same things too) so I will always have fond memories of the brand. Additionally, if someone is buying me a gift it’s hard to go wrong with them but they have a pretty good return and exchange policy too.


ASOS is great, let’s be honest. I order everything from there so lingerie is no exception. They have a fuller bust range which (if the style allows it) goes up to a H cup and so many different crazy, cool and beautiful designs. I won’t lie, the quality isn’t always the best and it can be hit-or-miss but I really do love the stuff they bring out. A heads up too they also sell a lot of other amazing brands such as Wolf and Whistle, Gossard, Coco De Mer and my old favourite, Ann Summers. Unlike the others Asos offers Next day delivery till midnight most nights (meaning I’ve ordered Spanx for a night out many a time) and have a pretty flexible return policy. They’ve also rolled out the fuller bust line for their swimwear, gymwear, tops and dresses which to be honest is such a breath of fresh air for a fuller busted female because anything briny buttoning usually has to be pinned to prevent gaping.

Savage x Fenty

Savage x Fenty is Rihanna’s amazing lingerie brand and when I saw the promo I knew exactly what I was ordering- that was until I saw the price! The reason I have included Fenty in high street is the fact that there are many different tiers of lingerie on offer at varying (and very respectable) price ranges. There’s even staple offers on everyday sets. Just like with her makeup line Rihanna didn’t come here to play, launching for all sizes (seriously her catwalk was size, race and body inclusive). Additionally, if you become a VIP member (the first month is free) you benefit from free shipping AND VIP Prices. For the £96 body I paid vip price (that was £74) and because it was Black Friday at the time 50% off of that too so my grand total was £37 with free shipping. The only thing I would say is double double make sure you’ve chosen the right size as it’s not super clear online (many things are XXS-XXL) and the return policy isn’t the best. 



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