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What I’m Wearing


Jacquard Crop Top – Zara

Jaquard Skort – Zara

Chunky Trainers – Topshop

Clutch – Louis Vuitton


Today I (surprisingly) reached for something slightly more girly to wear- must be all this hot weather going to my head! This cute little co-ord is from Zara and has a sea green silky jacquard print with white polka dots which I’m absolutely loving. The crop top can be worn over or around the shoulders giving you actual use of your arms without a nip slip (or two) and the bottoms although they look incredible short, these babies are actually a skort so nobody is going to get flashed accidentally! I loved the girlies paired with some chunky white trainers to toughen it up a little. Because I’m so short, i’ve had to tuck the waistband down a little and will get this skort altered for my long-legged but tiny-torso frame. Both of these pieces are currently for sale for £25.99 each which is a bargain as I definitely will be wearing the top with white mom jeans, and silk skirts and the skort with a cami or even a nice white shirt.

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