Aldi’s Lacura Dupe Skincare Line Review.

“Oh wow, that’s cheeky. Is that even legal to do?” A remark my mum made during a spontaneous trip to our closest Aldi supermarket. I was showing her their ‘Too Legit’ mascara, that of which had the exact same packaging, wand, text and almost identical descriptions as the Benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascara, which we had both previously purchased in Debenhams for £21.50- the Aldi version was under £6! I was bemused and also horrified when I mentally did a rough sum of how much my current beauty and skincare products set me back. I, like most people my age LOVE named brands, my friends and I spend hundred’s of pounds on staple skincare and make-up that we swear by, but if I could cut back my spending by over 70% and still receive the same finish I definitely thought it was worth trying especially after seeing all the 5-star reviews. Many of Aldi’s products go into a specialbuy, which means once they sellout they no longer re-stock them however lately, they are bringing back many of these items due to popular demand.

Lacura Pink Clay Hot Cloth Cleanser.

Lize Earle RRP: £28.50 | Aldi RRP: £3.99 for 200ml.

The first thing I ever heard about Aldi was that they allegedly had an amazing dupe of Liz Earle’s cleanse & polish for a purse-friendly budget. I love the Liz Earle version but I have to say, this dupe is great. Not only is it cruelty free (like their whole skincare range), it comes with a muslin cloth included in the price and removed all my make-up including my waterproof mascara. Admittedly, I did double cleanse with this, which is something I normally do as I more often than not wear a full coverage face but the clay helped to soothe my skin and calm my pores. The scent of this cleanser is absolutely divine but isn’t heavy and the ingredients are safe for sensitive skin which makes this a great, great product for everyone. The muslin cloth isn’t as soft as the Liz Earle version, but it exfoliates much better and you don’t have to spend any extra money to get them. It removed all dead skin cells and took away all hints of patchiness on my combination-dry skin. The only sad thing about this product is that it is always sold out! I grabbed the last one in my store and had to keep refreshing the website till it came back in stock to buy another. I recommend this product highly!

Lacura Vitamin C Hot Cloth Cleanser.

Lize Earle RRP: £28.50 | Aldi RRP: £3.99 for 200ml.

Just like the hot cloth cleanser above, this is another dupe of Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish and is actually their third version of hot cloth cleanser. This time i’m so impressed as the formula is vegan in addition to it being cruelty -free and 85% cheaper than the branded version. I really admire the fact that the majority of Aldi’s products whether beauty and skincare to food are all as responsibly sourced as possible. This cleanser differs from the one above as it’s standout ingredient is Vitamin C. Vitamin C is used and has been proven to brighten and revitalise skin, making you look awake and refreshed. This is my preferred cleanser of the two as my dull, dead skin needs a boost in order to help make me look fresh faced and the ingredients in the formula- vitamin E, cocoa butter and thyme oil, really help. Again, this smell divine and has a vague smell of summer body butters without being scented with harsh fragrances. I have pretty robust skin but it can be sensitive when it comes to perfumed products and I had no reactions whatsoever to any of the products I tried and tested. 200 ml is an amazing size especially considering the price, and a little really does go a long way. I really love the effect of the cleanser combined with the Lacura Rose Oil (RRP: £3.99) for a glow-from-within youthful glow. Honestly, I have tried many cleanser’s and I have never found one that actively moisturises as well as targets the exfoliation of dead skin cells. This cleanser is suitable for all skin types and is from the latest specialbuy’s collection so should be in your local Aldi (if the shelves haven’t already been raided like my store constantly seems to be).

Lacura Pink Clay Exfoliating Face Scrub.

Sand and Sky RRP: £34.90 | Aldi RRP: £2.99 for 100ml.

I’m always sceptical of face scrubs particularly unnatural ones due to the harshness of the beads on the skin so when I first saw this scrub I wasn’t too keen on it and actually left the store without picking it up. It was upon watching youtube reviews I decided to try out this scrub for myself to see why so many people are loving it and now I fully get where they are coming from. The exfoliation from the castor beads is not too harsh on the skin and can also be doubled up as a facemask which is a neat little double up! It boasts amazing ingredients including Jojoba Oil, Pink Clay and Australian Kakadu Plum extract which not only make this scrub smell insane, but help to leave your skin feel nourished and moisturised instead of dry and oil-stripped like a lot of scrubs. I personally have never tried the sand and sky version that this is a dupe of so I brought this for my friend who swears by them and she was beyond impressed- and that’s before i told her the price! I can’t believe this was £2.99, for something with such high spec ingredients I would expect to see a double figure price tag which makes the whole experience even better. With a price tag that wouldn’t look out of place in superdrug’s own branded products, I expected this scrub to perform the same but infact, it is vegan with natural subtle smells, creamy, anything but harsh on the skin and works at improving your skin over time. I like to use this 2 times a week after I wipe my makeup of with a wipe and double cleanse with a hot cloth cleanser to remove excess dirt and impurities from my skin before toning and moisturising both my skin and I are loving it. I really need to grab more of this scrub mask because my mum has started to use a bit here and there and I can’t bet on the fact that this will come back in stock if it sells out, because let’s face it, Aldi is (annoyingly) known for doing that. However lately, it seems, they are bringing back in sell-out stock and all our favourite special buys.

Lacura Healthy Glow Rose Facial Oil.

Pixi Beauty RRP: £26.00 | Aldi RRP: £3.99 for 25ml.

Facial oils have slowly become one of the most important factors in my skincare routine and I use them day and night. My favourite ones are the Pixie Rose Oil Blend and the Emma Hardie Brilliance facial oil however, they both cost a pretty penny (well over £25 a bottle) and gets used up relatively fast in my household. Upon opening a SpecialBuys email from Aldi I couldn’t help but be bowled over when I saw this- if you google the Pixi packaging you’ll see what I mean- it’s a replica both containing reship and rose geranium oils which help to intensely moisturise the skin while adding a subtle glow. The reason facial oils are so pricey mainly comes down to the ingredients and how they are cold-pressed in order to retain all of the benefits of the oil extracts but this oil is fantastic! I pre-ordered one and after using it for three days or so knew I had to stock up! This oil feels rich and luxurious, thick and non-greasy, holding its own by itself, mixed in with a moisturiser or under makeup. There is a light rose scent however it isn’t overpowering and is still suitable for sensitive skin, with all of the extracts and ingredients to promote elasticity and youth. I am completely bowled over at the price tag to be honest and it leaves my skin soft and smooth every morning and last thing before bed. Grab this if you can because I know for a fact this will fly off the shelves (even when I pre-ordered a bottle it said over 100 people did the same thing) and to be truthful, it smells, feels and even looks the same as the Pixi Beauty version but for the price of one of those you can buy SIX, yes six Aldi versions and have change left over- now that is something!

Lacura Booty Balm Firming Body Creme.

Sol De Janeiro RRP: £44.00 | Aldi RRP: £6.99 for 25ml.

Please. Smell. This. That’s first and foremost what I have to say. If you need reminding of a Caribbean holiday, coconuts and exotic fruit. Add to this its got shimmer and oils to make you glow-y and shiny AF. The moisturiser uses the same ingredients as Sol De Janeiro’s Bum Bum cream (yes, you did read that correctly) to firm and moisturise the curves that Brazil is famous for. Although mainly focused on the bum its for arms, thighs, hips, and wherever else you have cellulite or dimpled skin aiming to improve the appearance within 28 days. If I’m being honest I haven’t noticed a massive difference but that’s obvious considering I’ve only been using the product for (barely) a week. I recommend this for anybody who likes a subtle shimmer in the sun as it has beautiful gold reflects that I haven’t noticed coming away on my clothes. This cream also goes on like a dream, not too thick and gives your body a ‘sheen’ without looking oily or greasy. As a summer body lotion I recommend this alone, but if it does firm then fuck- I’m off to buy ten!


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