5 Timeless Bags that are a Great Investment for Any Collection.

Bags, bags and more bags. An absolute life essential to help carry food, work and our general life around with us. For as long as I can remember though I obsessed over Paris Hilton’s multi-coloured couture luggage, Carrie Bradshaw’s fabulous Fendi Baguettes and, of course the holy grain that is – Victoria Beckham’s Birkin 35 bags. Since then I have realised I won’t be able to constantly buy luxury accessories without working to death or finding my own Daddy Warbucks to spoil me on the daily, so I learnt (admittedly, the hard way) on how to invest money on items that I will get my money back from or depending, make a profit on my original splurge. I love a cute bag but more often than not, a Zara piece that looks good on the shelf is an ode to a poppin’ piece of designer must-have but whether you spend the £50 or £5,000, most of these items will just be a fad on every influencer instagram archive. Here are my five best purchases to date and why.

Chanel Classic 2.55

The classic Chanel is the bread and butter of designer bags. Released in February 1955, it was the first handbag that allowed women to smoke and drink at the same time, being completely hands free- and i am so here for that!

You can get this bag in six sizes, with unlimited colours and materials to choose from! I currently have a black Lambskin maxi Single flap version which I love to death. I have used these bags for nights out, travel you name it. They hold their value as long as you take care of them (I purchased my Maxi Flap for £3,000 new and they have now gone up to just over £5,000) and they are always in style.

I feel the vintage versions are much nicer in quality and are much more affordable as you can definitely find them under four-figures. In my wardrobe personally, I feel Chanel classics actually fit with my tomboyish vibe and work equally well with trainers and combat boots, as they do with heels and ballet pumps.

Dior Lady Dior

The lady Dior is the ultimate girly luxury piece that I feel was definitely worth the purchase.

Released in 1995 this line was created for the timelessly elegant Lady Diana and shows no signs of slowing down. Although Dior is pricey (the mini version starts at £2,300) you really can use this time and again. Personally, I went with the mini version with the chain because the chain makes it a perfect evening bag and looks stunning as opposed to the plain leather strap version. Dior now do a personalised strap so you can add badges and studs to the leather strap which is gorgeous, leaves you with a unique bag and is very affordable to do. The mini fits a lot more in than it looks, so is a perfect everyday bag and is more subtle than some other designers like Gucci. The best thing about the mini version is that it has an opening flap and not the stiff zip that many of the larger sizes have which makes this bag a million times easier to use. I will definitely be giving this bag to my future daughter (if she can pry it from my hands that is)

Celine Mini Luggage

Oh how we all miss the old Celine designs! I lusted after this bag for years and years on it girls, bloggers, pinterest and the Kardashian-Jenner clan before one day I just said ‘fuck it’, and I’m so happy I did! This bag is the perfect weekend/ carry-on/ baby bag so long as you don’t mind a little weight as this bag gets heavy! You can get two smaller sizes, the nano and the micro if the weight is too much for you, but the size- at least in my opinion, brings so much more appeal. This bag zips all the way across the top which makes for great added security and the design is unlike anything else that I had seen in other designers. I rarely use this bag now due to not needing to carry much on the daily but if you’re after a versatile, stylish day bag then this is it! You can get this bag in SO many colour ways, materials, customisations that you will more than likely never see the same one twice however, the only downside to this bag is that you can’t carry it on the shoulder (unless you have tiny arms) and there’s no way to attach a strap to help deal with lugging the weight of this thing.

Givenchy Antigona.

Released in 2011, the Givenchy Antigona is the ultimate luxury work or university bag. I’ve actually had 2 of these- a pink and this grey and I use this whenever I need to carry my MacBook, uni books or camera’s around. This bag is a little tardis and I love it for that although I manage to fill it up with snacks and receipts and silly crap I don’t need.

It is made in Goatskin however you can get smooth and patent leathers which in my opinion aren’t as hard wearing. Scratches don’t tend to be very visible on the grey colour which is a massive bonus however it does show signs of wear to the handles and back. I have had this for almost two years but I am devastated it has worn so much especially as the price tag is well past the £1,000 mark. I know the darker colour don’t wear that much though.

I really think this is a great bag for mum’s, work or for anyone who likes to carry around the kitchen sink. The mini and the small versions are great sizes however the medium size is more like luggage which I don’t think is very attractive. The newer versions (2016 and above) have a removable shoulder strap which is super handy.

Prada Lux Tote

The Prada Luxe tote is so cute! Seriously, it’s a great top handle piece that’s understated, convertible (with most sizes boasting a shoulder strap) and timeless. The Prada Luxe is the cheapest out of the five but that doesn’t mean it;’s any less resilient. I used this bad-boy to drag my (heavy-as-shit) Macbook Pro, folders and an extensive array of pink and fluffy pens- sans paper, naturally.

Just as famous as Prada is for their Luxe bags, the saffiano leather used on the main line is flawless. It’s honestly so scratch resistant and keeps the accessory looking like new through each and every season. If you are feeling ‘boujee’ and expensive you can splash the cash for other leathers, skins, patterns and colour ways, but for me, a neutral always ends up paying for itself as you can get so much wear out of it.


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