January was a trial month for 2020 … right?

Fighting against the angry wind and torrential rain was never really going to work. Especially when my umbrella has already blown inside out – smacking me square in the nose, I could barely see as the rainwater had made my blustering hair glue to my face and I was trying to walk uphill as my (not so) Great Western Railway Service train had been severely delayed and the council had decided to upheave a perfectly fine station into an active building site.

Welcome to January 2020. I have unsurprisingly decided this month doesn’t count, four weeks ago I was full of optimism, ambition and hellbent on making 2020 ‘my year’, but 5 weeks without a payday (while paying back Christmas), going back to work and the constant shitty weather have taken its toll. So effective on February 1st, I shall force optimism, projects, self-improvement and general getting-your-shit-together-ness upon my (wholly unready) self – starting with my blog.

I feel like Carrie Bradshaw – sitting in an independent cafe, on an old mac typing away at this thing, when the shiny new girls have taken over with social media – but I’m sentimental. I LOVE writing and have been blogging for 8 years and tbh, I don’t want to stop. Everyone is slowly ditching the written format – just think how sad that is! Yes, a picture can speak 1,000 words but it can’t make you laugh, cry and relate like a post. I want to post once a week from now on – even if it’s a tidbit and not a thinkpiece, for myself as much as my readers, this space is a corner where I can express my mind and who’d give that up?






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Next on the hit list is something I’ve wanted to do FOREVER … Youtube! I love watching video content – it can be light, fun, informative, dark … and I can’t wait to join the community. I’ve played with this idea for ages but I never quite hit the ‘upload’ button… no more! In 2020 RenyceNoel is going mp4!

Along the creation front – I want to push myself. With content, engagement, outfits, all of it! As we get older in a world bombarded with social media I think we care less about opinions. I’m going to say yes a lot more and honestly, I’m so excited and proud of myself.

Lastly, I want to be HEALTHY. For far far too long, weight has been a big issue for me. Talking about it, losing it, being comfortable with it – you name it. I have written a post dedicated to how I feel but have chickened out of posting it – but this year no more! I want to be healthy in mind and body (stuff the weight on the scales), and that means readdressing my very life! So if you’re ready for it, this is going to be me this 2020 – well, minus January.


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